Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shopping Online - H&M Dressing Room

A few looks I created using the Dressing room.

To be honest i'm not sure how long the H&M online dressing room has been active for, but i'm a regular visitor to the website and have only just noticed it. Due to this I thought i'd write a bit about it just in case anyone else missed it.

It is such a great Idea as you don't always know how something will look on you, when shopping online, It also saves you the hassle of going all the way to the shop trying it on but waiting to order it online to take advantage of the online deals (almost always better than deals in store). 

There are so many things you can do on this virtual dressing room -

*Firstly there are 10 models to choose from so you can choose the person with the closest skin tone or look to you. The only problem is they are all model size (tall and thin, as shown in the pictures above) so if you are larger you may not gain a true representation of how clothes will look on you. Unfortunately it seems  the only clothes you can't "try on" (other than kidswear) are the size 18-28 plus size collection. 

* you can try on all accessories such as jewellery and bags and it places them on the model how the bag would usually be worn. 

* When "trying on" jackets, coats and blazers you can pick between open and closed, which is a brilliant feature as I tend to wear the majority of my blazer or jackets open. You can also pick to wear a top tucked in to a skirt or over the top of it, which is great as you can see exactly how it will look in the way you would choose to wear it. 

* You can change the background from white to grey or black, something which is best to do when "trying on" a white item so it doesn't merge into the background.

*You can turn the model around to get a back view of your outfit, try the items in all different colours and change the models hairstyles and some facial expressions. 

*So the guys aren't left out there is a mens dressing room also. 

To be honest I just love playing around with this feature and putting together different outfits because I enjoy styling. However it also gives me more piece of mind when buying online as there's less chance i'll be sending pieces back. I wish all websites had this, the closest thing iv'e encountered is the Asos catwalk which is helpful,but most of the models are stick thin and the clothes never look the same on me. Tesco Have a similar virtual dressing room too but I don't think it's as good as this one and I have never really been fond of Tesco clothes. 

Since H&M seem to be the only highstreet clothing store with this feature on their website (other than Tesco), it makes them my first choice for highstreet online shopping. Since I've found this I have bought so many things from H&M and haven't sent anything back !! 

Well done H&M I approve :)  


  1. I love all these outfits! Especially the first, fourth and last one :)
    Saadiya x

  2. Oooh this looks fun! Love the pieces you put together! :)

  3. Always love H&M

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