Monday, 29 April 2013

Brights and Pastels ...

I like how it doesn't have to be one or the other with pastels and brights at the moment, they are both in fashion at the same time and I've got to say i'm loving both trends !! 
Below are a few of my favorites, some high-street and some high end.

1 - Miss Selfridge// 2 - Romwe// 3 - Zatchel// 4 - Dorothy Perkins// 5 - Topshop// 6 - Rochas (In store flannel or Saks)// 7 - Hérve Léger (currently sold old, available in stores)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

OOTD - Emerald

 Dress - Zara (found a listing on ebay for it in black, keep checking for it in green, some similar dresses - 1,2)// Bag - House of Fraser (similar here, In colour zebra)// Heels -Asos

I first saw this dress on the Zara website and when I noticed it was out of stock I wasn't having it, I had already fallen in love with it and when I love an Item I will go to great lengths to find it !! I checked my local Zara store and they had sold out there also, I asked 2 friends in other towns to look... and still no luck, I even considered ordering it from the American Zara website and somehow getting it to England
 (Yes I know I sound like a mad person but I really needed this dress!!). 
It's typical me going on these little clothes hunts anyway, once when I was younger I managed to get my parents to drive me to a random place which was around 3 hours away to get some shoes which were only in stock at that shop.

Anyway back to the dress, I finally found it on ebay for more than it was in the shops but I wasn't going to complain, I was just relieved I found it. Annoyingly about a week later there was one in my size in my local Zara GRR !! This dress is perfect for warm weather, from holidays to garden parties. I like how the dress underneath shows through the chiffon overlay and the colour is gorgeous and striking, it would definitely need to be worn with a plain neutral blazer although in my head I can also see it working with a patterned blue
blazer (hmmm I may try this out) 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

OOTD - Kiss From A Rose

Shirt - MinkPink (sold out) - (similar 1,2)// Top - H&M ( still available in store, but similar here)// Heels - Asos// Leggings - Primark 

Today was ridiculously windy but quite warm, the perfect weather to wear a shirt like a jacket so you don't catch the chills but you're also not boiling hot in a big coat. I adore this shirt it's so bright and vibrant, I even love looking at it when its hung up in my room as it livens the place up; very multipurpose doubling as room decor :p. When I bough this shirt by MinkPink on Asos there were some matching trousers, however I don't think I would ever wear them as a pair, i'm sure someone could pull them off but certainly not for me. I believe that bright pieces work best with neutrals so you don't look too OTT or clown like (there's nothing worse than people thinking you've just escaped from the circus). 

The heels are also from Asos they were on sale for £12.50 which is insanely cheap for some nice peep toe shoes so I couldn't resist. They are very comfortable, strangely enough I can walk around for a longer time in these than in my Chelsea boots. The plain blouse is from H&M it's a lovely chiffon type material that reminds me of zara blouses where the quality can definitely be seen and felt. The long black vest top underneath is the 'I hate my thighs' top once again as explained in the previous post.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

OOTD - Cowgirl

Printed clutch/portfolio bag - Miss Selfridge (similar here)// Shirt -Zara (similar -1,2,3,4)// Hat - Tk Maxx (similar here)// Boots- Miss Selfridge (similar 1,2,3)// Leggings - Primark// Scarf - Alexander Mcqueen 

I kind of feel like a cowgirl in this outfit but a fashionable cowgirl nonetheless :). 
Cheetah and leopard print in particular have been very popular for a long time now (I challenge you to go in to Zara and NOT come across something covered in the print). Currently Zebra print is also gaining popularity (check out this coat which was featured in blog, it's amazing !!), However  I've never been drawn to something with cow print on before as its quite rare in high street stores, but i completely fell in love when I saw this bag, the print and the dark brown leather (Faux i'm guessing as its from Miss Selfridge) go together perfectly. I think unfortunately It was a one off find as iv'e searched online for other nice cow print bags to link you too but either they are real cow skin (Yuk) and ridiculously expensive or extremely tacky. 

I adore these fedora style hats, I feel that they pretty much suit anyone although they are daunting at first. When I saw Millie Mackintosh (Made in Chelsea) sporting them in all different colours I thought they looked great but i'd never be able to pull one off. It took me about 4 months to actually try one on, whilst on a girls trip to London because we were messing about in the hat section of Topshop. After checking it out in the mirror a hundred times, I still didn't get one until I went to TKMaxx with my mum and she insisted i get it, now i'm in love with it and wear it a lot,especially when i'm having a bad hair day.

I don't know if you've noticed but I usually wear a plain black vest top under most of my tops, jumpers, shirts etc. This is simply because I absolutely hate my thighs, and always try to have them covered (Yes I know it's stupid but iv'e always had a complex about them).
 I just thought i'd fill you in as you will be seeing a lot more of the black vest top. 

Friday, 19 April 2013

OOTD - Red Soles

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Gold spiked peplum top - Daisystreet// Basic skirt - H&M// Highness Arabesque Heels - Christian Louboutin 

This outfit would be perfect for dinner in a nice restaurant, I love how easy it is to put together and inexpensive (apart from the heels of course). You can get a basic black skirts from many places for under £5 mine is from H&M but i'm sure they sell them at Primark, Topshop and river island. For a dinner its always nice to pair the skirt with a simple black top with a few statement features like the gold spikes and the asymmetric back, or a statement necklace if the top is plain. 

Designer heels (Louboutins in particular) have the ability to make most outfits look smart, classy and fashionable. I definitely recommend saving for some designer shoes the quality is instantly noticeable and the guarantee that they will remain intact for a life time makes them worth the price. Just make sure you try them on in store and walk around in them on carpet and a hard surface as I discovered mine were a little tight when I got them home, so I had to have them stretched :(.

 To protect your red soles from scratching I recommend Protect your pumps which is a non slip transparent adhesive, these are amazing the soles on mine still look brand new even though they've been worn numerous times. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

OOTD - Tailored

Trousers - Zara (similar 1,2,3 and 4)// Heels - Asos (suede version here)// T shirt - H&M// scarf - Vintage shop - (many similar here)// bag -River Island (similar 1,2,3)  

I usually wear leggings most of the time, but when I saw these trousers on the Zara I fell in love with them. They are so different in that they look like tracksuit bottoms and tailored trousers at the same time like a classy take on a casual item, the faux leather pockets are a gorgeous addition also. These trousers are sold out not i think they only lasted on the website about 1 week (understandably) but I have found many similar pairs at Zara (as outlined above). 

I have paired these trousers with a basic white v neck T-shirt from H&M which is tucked in to cinch in the waist and showcase the high waist of the trousers, a bright vintage scarf to liven up the outfit and some small heels which help to give the trousers a tailored smart look. This can also be reversed to make the trousers look casual and dressed down with a plain top that isn't tucked in and a pair of converse or plain pumps from Topshop.  

Sunday, 14 April 2013

OOTD - Easy Tiger...

Skirt- Bershka (similar here)// Bow Heels - Love Label (old stock)// Jacket -DIY (Patch ebay)// Tshirt- H&M// Studs- ebay

When you D.I.Y clothes I think you treasure them more, which is exactly the case with this jacket that I customised. The jacket faux leather jacket was only £20 from Primark (believe it or not) however I added brass pyramid studs to the front and a very prominent tiger patch on the back. I used brass studs as I think they give the jacket a vintage look rather than gold which can sometimes look tacky, or silver which is usually more punky and not the style I was looking for.

 I must admit I didn't come up with the idea of adding the patch on my own, I saw a video on You Tube by stylesecretsx in which she showed the patch on her leather jacket, she explains she had seen the DIY tutorial on another blog. I didn't want to put the patch on my real leather jacket in case it went wrong, however I wish I had now as I can only wear this jacket in warm weather  because the material is very thin (guess you cant expect too much on the quality side from Primark). Every time I have worn this it has received a lot of positive attention , it is definitely a statement piece and I love that  the badge is of a roaring tiger mainly because i'm a huge softy and it makes me feel a little bit badass like i'm a hell's angel or something :p. 

Adding the heels and patterned skirt makes the outfit a bit more girly, and of course thick tights due to the weather.

Friday, 12 April 2013

OOTD - Roses

What I wore to the park - 

Jumper - Romwe// Studded Ankle boots - H&M (similar here)//Bag- Mulberry Mitzy tote // Scarf- Zara (previous post)// Coat - She inside (previous post) Skirt - River Island

Yes I know firstly i'm wearing the scarf again, I think i need to lock it away for a while. I love this jumper from Romwe it was originally white like the picture below, but I made my first washing machine faux pas by putting it in with black leggings and it turned grey :( Boooo !!! It does however  look quite nice in grey, so i'm actually quite proud of my creation now (at first I was not a happy bunny !!).
Original Romwe Jumper 

I have ordered the unique irregular jumper again anyway as it has gone on sale from £37 to £19 (you can get an extra 20% off when you sign up too). The skirt is just a plain black skater skirt from River island, definitely a staple basic item that can be paired with many items, i'll do a lookbook soon on different ways to style the skirt.  

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day at the park...

Today my boyfriend and I went to Tropical world and Roundhay park in Leeds. Here are a few pictures from the day -

Roundhay Park Mansion 

Tropical world is a gorgeous indoor tropical garden, they have a large collection of exotic plants and  animals (shown in the pictures) such as Meerkats,bats and snakes etc. This is such a lovely attraction for anybody, a huge plus point is that it's boiling inside and at times you feel as though you've been transported to the Caribbean. Living in the countryside I see farm animals constantly but the animals in Tropical world are so unusual and fascinating, I have been here 2 times this month and it never gets boring. The price of admission is extremely reasonable also at just £3.40 for adults and £2.30 for kids which is far from the prices at many zoos where you have to walk around outside freezing all day (British weather Yuk) .

Roundhay Park (situated across the road from Tropical world), is a beautiful public park covering over 700 acres of parkland, lakes and woodland. I generally tend to just walk anywhere as I've been going to the park since I was young, however there are several marked paths and trails to follow which make for a lovely walk on a sunny day (always better with a dog). Roundhay park are the grounds of The Mansion which is a listed classical building that is currently used as a venue for weddings and other events. Additionally there is a restaurant/cafe called The Garden Room, I haven't eaten there in the evening but iv'e been there in the day many times and it is such a nice, picturesque place to get tea and scones after a walk in the park.   

Monday, 8 April 2013

OOTD - Tartan

Just a casual outfit today for shopping, I've worn these shoes on purpose so I can't shop for too long as they hurt after a while (great money saving strategy :p)

Top - (differnet colour white sold out) Topshop// Leggings -Primark// Boots- Chockers// Bag -Mulberry Mitzy hobo// Scarf-  H and M (Similar here)// Coat - Sheinside

The oversize basic top from Topshop is so comfy definitely worth £18, it comes in light grey, dark grey, aubergine and black. I've seen a lot of cheaper copies in places such as primark but the quality is just not the same. I always think there's no point in buying something cheaper if you'll have to keep repurchasing it every time it gets damaged!! 

The tartan scarf was from H and M, it was huge and too overbearing at first when I tried it on so I cut it in half and give one part too a friend. Iv'e been searching for a blue/green tartan scarf but I cant find a nice one anywhere (If anyone knows where to get one leave it in the comments please). 

I had a little history lesson from a taxi driver about tartan, apparently the red tartan was banned in Scotland in the 1700s so to get away with wearing it still they started dyeing them different colours. Random information I know but it was something that stuck in my head (I guess if that taxi driver was my history teacher i'd have gotten better marks in my exams haha).

Saturday, 6 April 2013

OOTD - Cobalt

Just a casual outfit, i'm going to the cinema today to see The Croods :) (yes I know i'm a huge child) !!

Scarf - Zara (similar here)// T-shirt - Topshop (similar here)// Leggings - Topshop// Boots - Fenwicks (similar here)// Coat - She Inside 

I'm in love with this scarf as I said in my previous post it's all about the blue this month. I actually didn't intend to buy it, I was ordering a few items from the Zara website and in order to get free delivery it had to be over £50 so I just added it without thinking, best accidental purchase I've ever made !!

So many people (mainly bloggers) have this coat now but I couldn't help myself, it's a copy of a Zara coat which I got from '' an online store based in China so it took a month for the coat to come :(. It was definitely worth the wait though it's very warm, lightweight and the sleeves look like real leather although they are PU.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

OOTD - Mint

Finally after all the snow it's sunny yipeeee !! I must admit I enjoyed the snow at first as I got to wear my new hunter wellies (will be featuring in another post), but when the novelty wore off I was well and truly ready for some warmth !!

Skirt - ebay // Boots - Chockers// Jumper - Romwe (similar here) // Sunglasses - Asos (similar here)

I love the combination of a jumper and a skirt when the weather is mild, it's such a contrast that mimics the feeling of being in between hot and cold perfectly. I've also been pretty obsessed with the colour mint  for a long time now, I've never liked blues before but for the past few months I've been drawn to everything cobalt blue and mint so much so I now want a mint coloured car (quite the turn around) . 

Now for a day of relaxing in the sun :) before the snow comes and ruins it all again!! 


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