Friday, 19 April 2013

OOTD - Red Soles

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Gold spiked peplum top - Daisystreet// Basic skirt - H&M// Highness Arabesque Heels - Christian Louboutin 

This outfit would be perfect for dinner in a nice restaurant, I love how easy it is to put together and inexpensive (apart from the heels of course). You can get a basic black skirts from many places for under £5 mine is from H&M but i'm sure they sell them at Primark, Topshop and river island. For a dinner its always nice to pair the skirt with a simple black top with a few statement features like the gold spikes and the asymmetric back, or a statement necklace if the top is plain. 

Designer heels (Louboutins in particular) have the ability to make most outfits look smart, classy and fashionable. I definitely recommend saving for some designer shoes the quality is instantly noticeable and the guarantee that they will remain intact for a life time makes them worth the price. Just make sure you try them on in store and walk around in them on carpet and a hard surface as I discovered mine were a little tight when I got them home, so I had to have them stretched :(.

 To protect your red soles from scratching I recommend Protect your pumps which is a non slip transparent adhesive, these are amazing the soles on mine still look brand new even though they've been worn numerous times. 


  1. Love this outfit and I officially cannot even deal with your Loubis. Jealous.

    Georgia x

  2. wow you look stunning! such a lovely dress

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Thanks so much :)... I've just started following your blog its amazing !!

      Misha x


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