Monday, 8 April 2013

OOTD - Tartan

Just a casual outfit today for shopping, I've worn these shoes on purpose so I can't shop for too long as they hurt after a while (great money saving strategy :p)

Top - (differnet colour white sold out) Topshop// Leggings -Primark// Boots- Chockers// Bag -Mulberry Mitzy hobo// Scarf-  H and M (Similar here)// Coat - Sheinside

The oversize basic top from Topshop is so comfy definitely worth £18, it comes in light grey, dark grey, aubergine and black. I've seen a lot of cheaper copies in places such as primark but the quality is just not the same. I always think there's no point in buying something cheaper if you'll have to keep repurchasing it every time it gets damaged!! 

The tartan scarf was from H and M, it was huge and too overbearing at first when I tried it on so I cut it in half and give one part too a friend. Iv'e been searching for a blue/green tartan scarf but I cant find a nice one anywhere (If anyone knows where to get one leave it in the comments please). 

I had a little history lesson from a taxi driver about tartan, apparently the red tartan was banned in Scotland in the 1700s so to get away with wearing it still they started dyeing them different colours. Random information I know but it was something that stuck in my head (I guess if that taxi driver was my history teacher i'd have gotten better marks in my exams haha).

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