Friday, 31 May 2013

Afternoon Tea - Cosmopolitan Hotel

Yesterday I went to the Cosmopolitan Hotel In Leeds, for afternoon tea with my mum after a lovely day shopping. The staff were extremely welcoming and helpful and the atmosphere was perfect with quiet relaxing music giving us the chance to chat and enjoy all of the  
sweet and savory goodies placed in front of us. 
(We definitely gave it a go but we couldn't finish all of the yummy cakes, :( booo).  

  I would certainly recommend afternoon tea at the modern, newly refurbished hotel, 
bar and restaurant to have a catch up with friends or after a girls day shopping.
 Mini sandwiches, tea or coffee, scones, cakes and champagne, I can't think of a better way to wind down especially if your shopping trips are anything like mine usually very long and pretty hectic.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

1 Tshirt 4 ways

 Tshirt in all looks - Topshop

1- Heels - Primark  (in store) similar - 1,2// Denim shorts - Levis from Asos

2- Heels - H&M// Skirt - Ebay

3- Skirt - Ebay// Heels - Primark (in store) similar - 1,2// Snake necklace - Camden 

4- Dress - Zara similar - 1,2// Sandals - River Island 

I love the way you can do so many things with one T-shirt, I could probably do a lot more than 4 looks to be honest but I didn't want this post to be too overloaded.
 I especially like that the plain tee can look so much more dressy when worn with heels and in contrast the maxi dress can be made to look casual and more suitable for day time activities, by adding the t-shirt over the top and tying it at the side.

I think my favorite look  is the 2nd, with the pink skirt.

Which is your winner, let me know in the comments :) ? 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shopping Online - H&M Dressing Room

A few looks I created using the Dressing room.

To be honest i'm not sure how long the H&M online dressing room has been active for, but i'm a regular visitor to the website and have only just noticed it. Due to this I thought i'd write a bit about it just in case anyone else missed it.

It is such a great Idea as you don't always know how something will look on you, when shopping online, It also saves you the hassle of going all the way to the shop trying it on but waiting to order it online to take advantage of the online deals (almost always better than deals in store). 

There are so many things you can do on this virtual dressing room -

*Firstly there are 10 models to choose from so you can choose the person with the closest skin tone or look to you. The only problem is they are all model size (tall and thin, as shown in the pictures above) so if you are larger you may not gain a true representation of how clothes will look on you. Unfortunately it seems  the only clothes you can't "try on" (other than kidswear) are the size 18-28 plus size collection. 

* you can try on all accessories such as jewellery and bags and it places them on the model how the bag would usually be worn. 

* When "trying on" jackets, coats and blazers you can pick between open and closed, which is a brilliant feature as I tend to wear the majority of my blazer or jackets open. You can also pick to wear a top tucked in to a skirt or over the top of it, which is great as you can see exactly how it will look in the way you would choose to wear it. 

* You can change the background from white to grey or black, something which is best to do when "trying on" a white item so it doesn't merge into the background.

*You can turn the model around to get a back view of your outfit, try the items in all different colours and change the models hairstyles and some facial expressions. 

*So the guys aren't left out there is a mens dressing room also. 

To be honest I just love playing around with this feature and putting together different outfits because I enjoy styling. However it also gives me more piece of mind when buying online as there's less chance i'll be sending pieces back. I wish all websites had this, the closest thing iv'e encountered is the Asos catwalk which is helpful,but most of the models are stick thin and the clothes never look the same on me. Tesco Have a similar virtual dressing room too but I don't think it's as good as this one and I have never really been fond of Tesco clothes. 

Since H&M seem to be the only highstreet clothing store with this feature on their website (other than Tesco), it makes them my first choice for highstreet online shopping. Since I've found this I have bought so many things from H&M and haven't sent anything back !! 

Well done H&M I approve :)  

Friday, 24 May 2013

OOTD - Night owl

Dress - ASOS (sold out - similar)// Heels - Christian Louboutin Highness Arabesque

I thought I'd share the outfit I'm planning to wear on Saturday for my friends birthday night out with you. The bodycon bandeau  dress was from the premium range at ASOS (I've only just discovered ASOS premium, they have some gorgeous dresses definitely check it out). The heels are my super high, Highness Arabesque Loubies (Christian Louboutins). They are my highest pair of shoes and I've had to take time out to practice walking in them mainly because I managed to fall over in the Louboutin shop when trying them on and got laughed at by the security man, so I definitely don't want a repeat of that in a crowded place.

Whilst on the topic of designer shoes just a reminder about Protect your pumps which is a non slip transparent adhesive, to protect your soles, they aren't very pricey and are definitely worth buying as there's no point paying so much money for shoes to then let them get badly scratched and dirty. 

The lip stain i'm wearing looks slightly brighter in real life, I got it in a glossybox and I love it. The stain is by Jelly Pong Pong, it's very moisturising and the colour (Cranberry) lasts the whole day. It looks like a crayon (similar to Revlon Just Bitten) which I prefer to the liquid stains as the colour doesn't last or show up as well. I'd certainly recommend it, they come in marshmallow pink as well, a lovely colour which is described as soft petal pink on the website, undoubtedly my next beauty purchase :) . 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Liebster Award

I'm so happy and thankful to have been nominated by - The beauty nut (make sure you check out her blog) for the Liebster award :) . 

Liebster is German and means - dearest, beloved, sweetest and kindest,the award is given to new up and coming bloggers and is a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers. 

1) My parents are from Jamaica, and I am fully black although
 many people presume I'm mixed race. 

2) I went through a bit of an emo phase in high school, 
I had the emo fringe and clothes, tons of eyeliner and oversize bows in my hair.

3) I am a vegetarian and I love animals (especially dogs).

4) I have social anxiety, it used to be very bad but it's 
slowly getting better. 

5) I'm not dyslexic, but i'm grammatically challenged.

6) I have a shopping addiction and at times
 have bought things online in my sleep.

7) I have a sweet-tooth and could literally eat donuts all day.

8) I went to a private school.

9) I like having fun and being silly which means I hardly ever act my age,
 i'll always be 16 at heart.

10) I have an eclectic taste in music, I like everything from Simply red, David Gray and 
The Kooks to Justin Bieber, Macklemore and Disclosure .

11) My favorite movie genre is horror,but i'm a scaredy cat 
and always end up not being able to sleep for days.

What is/was your favorite subject at school? 
Definitely art, I sometimes even spent break times in the art room (geeky me :p)

Favorite mascara of all time?
Lancome Hypnose Drama, it's quite expensive but its amazing !! 

Dream Place in the world to travel?
Bora Bora Particularly the Hilton Nui resort, with the white sandy beaches and the villas 
                                               over-water on stilts (Ahhhh get me there now please !!)

Celebrity Crush? 
hmmm I have a bit of a list but i'd probably say the main ones are,The Franco Brothers (James and Dave), Ian Somerhalder, Jensen Ackles and Megan Fox (girl crush). 

                                                            Favorite Youtuber? 
Patricia Bright (Formerly Britpopprincess) her vlogs with her husband are hilarious and her style is amazing. Or Zoe from Zoella and Lexi from So totally vlog (love their hauls). 

Current favorite beauty Items? 
Mineralize Charged water by MAC, It's kind of like Fix plus but for sensitive skin as its mineral based, It smells amazing, refreshes you and makes your makeup look flawless.

Favorite Hairstyle?
I usually have my hair down and all one colour because i'm not very daring, but I really like ombre and rainbow dip dyed hair (when it's done well like Lauren Conrads), and I like messy topknots .

Foundation or concealer?
Definitely Foundation as it can conceal as well and gives full coverage.

Favorite clothing shop?
Highstreet - Zara they have such high quality, classic pieces !! 
Designer - Givenchy, their current collection is all about statement pieces, bright colours and prints which i'm loving at the moment. 

Best Book you've read recently?
I like lighthearted, girly books so my reading is never too intellectual, I've recently been reading the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk, i'd say it's like sex and the city mixed with Bridget Jones's Diary. 

Last film you went to see in the cinema?
Fast and Furious 6 with my boyfriend, I usually don't like action films and I don't have much interest in cars so I was sure I wouldn't like it, but he sat through Harry Potter, Twilight and countless chic flicks with me so I said i'd go and I actually loved it, I will definitely be watching the others which i'm sure the boyfriend will be happy about  !!

1) Do you prefer gold, silver or bronze Jewellery?
2) who is your Celebrity style icon? (if you have one)
3) What is your Favorite song at the moment?
4) What are the first 3 items you'd buy if you won over 10 million pounds? 
5) one fashion item you can't live without (can be specific) ? 
6) If you were only allowed to wear one would you chose, eye makeup or face makeup e.g foundation, concealer ? 
7)what is your favorite animal? 
8) What is your guilty pleasure? 
9) Do you collect anything?
10) If you could pick anywhere in the world, where would you live? 
11) Favorite blog? 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

OOTD - Crop Top

Top - Topshop// Shorts - Primark// Heels - Primark  

I went back to Primark to get those amazing bargain heels (previous post) in a different colour, and whilst I was there I spotted the gorgeous aztec print shorts, perfect for the warm weather and at only £12 I had to pick them up. I used to hate Primark with a passion mainly because of how hectic it is in there, and the constant threat of being pushed over by a granny. However the clothes/accessories have got a lot nicer recently so I figure it's worth getting a little stressed out to obtain some great bargains. 

I paired the shorts and heels with a plain black lace crop top from Topshop (£15, also comes in white and charcoal), as it's always best not to overdo it with the bright colours
 (unless bobo the clown is the look you are going for).

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Photo Diary - London's Famous Markets

Some photos from my recent shopping trip in London (info at the bottom) - 

When I'm in London I usually go to areas such as  Oxford street, Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge. However this time I decided to have a look around some of the famous markets London has to offer - 

Camden Market - 
Camden is currently the 4th most popular tourist attraction in London, where you'll find everything from vintage and retro pieces, alternative fashion (Gothic/punk stores), antiques, furniture, jewellery, Records/Cd's and crafty stores. (make sure it's the main market you visit as you will pass a small market, which says The Camden Market on it, it lies the Camden Market is further down the road and way more extravagant. 
You can find some gorgeous one-off items in Camden and i'ts such a unique place with artwork on all of the buildings, beautiful statues, along with endless places to eat. It is definitely worth a visit as there is something for everyone, they have regular stores close-by such as H&M and All Saints too, if the busy market is too much for you. Another thing to note is that you'll find yourself passing the same stall a few times as it's very easy to loose your bearings.
 Make sure you get here early and have a lot of time to look around, I'd say you need at least half the day to see everything important. 
I picked up a few nice things from Camden (Haul coming soon) 

Petticoat Lane Market -

This place was not my cup of tea, this is like a real market with sellers shouting out prices, bothering you to get you to look at there stalls which according to them consist of designer items, however in reality you can find a few high street names and a lot of noticeably fake designer things. People are constantly knocking past you, and I was alerted about 10 times to keep an eye on my bag and valuables. Definitely NOT FOR ME I'm more of a new age market kind of girl which is exactly what Spitalfields Market is and as it was only a short walk away, I headed there after only about 10 minutes at Petticoat Lane. 

Spitalfields Market -

Home of the first and main All Saints store, Spitalfields is similar to Camden Market however it is indoors and most items are more expensive. I went on Sunday which is the busiest day, it's stalls consist of clothes and jewellery by unique and independent designers, vintage items, souvenirs, home decor and ornaments.
Warning !! you will get hungry whilst looking around here there are many organic, exclusive food stalls from Carribean to Thai (and a shops selling wraps which had the same name as me, this of course impressed me the most :) ) . There were many stalls selling baked goods, all i saw were giant pieces of cake and donuts which made my mouth water every time I looked in that direction !!
The area is very vibrant an lively, away from the main market there are Fashion boutiques (I particularly liked Bolongaro Trevor), lifestyle and design stores, bars and restaurants and coffee/tea shops. 

Brick lane Market -

The home of all things vintage and retro!! All of the stalls are very random and differ from each other, however they are mainly full of quirky and bohemian fashion, making it a place packed with young people and definitely an area hipsters would love as it is also the main place to visit for trendy cafes and edgy bars. 
The market is very big and spreads across a large area and many streets. I feel that many of the stalls here are overpriced for what they are selling, when old clothes are labelled vintage it seems they think they can triple the price however to me vintage means bargain, (such as the song thrift shop suggests, shopping with only $20 in your pocket :p), so I wasn't overly impressed.
 However I was impressed by the large amounts of amazing street art and also the huge food market which offers food from all around the world, particularly Asia and India.