Thursday, 9 May 2013

DIY - DSLR Camera Bag

I give full credit to for the DIY camera bag procedure, however instead of using a tote bag like they have, I've used a satchel and slightly altered the process.

I found this gorgeous satchel bag (originally from next) for just £5 on ebay. I instantly thought that it would be a perfect alternative to the ugly black or grey bags that they usually sell in camera shops.
However obviously you can't just chuck it in a bag as it needs to be protected with some sort of padding. I found the tutorial on makeit-loveit and I was going to make it exactly the same but when the bag came with a very unattractive material inside, I decided to make interior of the bag match the padded insert.

To to this I cut out the existing material in the bag and sewed the nicer fabric in (found on ebay around £2 per meter). The girl on blog tutorial I was following used a sewing machine but i'm rubbish with my sewing machine (still haven't learnt the basics) so I did it by hand. 

I then sewed the padded insert and a divider (full process shown on original tutorial blog), for this I used a foam sheet (also from ebay).
 Then attached the velcro so that I could move the divider around to whatever position I needed it in...

..and there we have it, a fashionable, coordinated, padded bag to hold all the bits and bobs for your DSLR camera. As well as the obvious plus points, this is a great idea as it doesn't look like you are carrying anything valuable like a camera, 
I  definitely feel safer walking around with this rather than a distinguishable camera bag. 

Camera bags usually range from about £25 all the way to £150 (and don't look nearly as good might I add), 

Total price for this DIY bag = £9


  1. I think it's great and you should do mens ones (man bags) as well!

  2. Okay, this is the greatest idea ever. I hate carrying my bulky camera bag around! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. i'm going to try this out. carrying my camera is such a hassle.

    thanks for the tips

    1. woop i'm happy you liked it, let me know how it worked out :)
      I Love your blog btw, I've followed !!

      Misha x

  4. btw, i have the same camera. :-)


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