Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Want List

“Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, 
simply didn't know where to go shopping”

― Bo Derek

Floral head bands/crowns have been popular for a while now especially within the blogger community. Mainly the gorgeous, eye-catching pieces from Crown and Glory with the most extravagant ranging from around £20 - £30, although that is a reasonable price I've found some slightly cheaper but just as impressive alternatives from the on-line store Dolly Bow Bow Owned by the You tuber/blogger Kate Murnane. There are many floral, quirky and kitsch accessories on this website, it’s definitely worth a look, even though (like in my case) a look may turn in to a buy.  

2. Ciaté, Nail polish - Cupcake queen

I'm a sucker for a hot pink nail varnish, I'd definitely say it's my favourite nail colour all throughout the year. I recently discovered that the hype about Ciaté was completely justified when I got it in a glossybox (Gutted I missed out on the Ciate advent calendar now). I had always thought that nail varnish in general only lasted for about a day, but it all just depends on the quality as Ciate lasts for a long time, you only really need to apply 2 coats and you don't get that awful transparent look. Another thing to add is that the colours are all lovely and vibrant and they have different textures too from caviar nails to velvet and chalkboard. Definitely my go too nail varnish make from now on.

3. Miu Miu, Round retro sunglasses 

I’ve always loved the John Lennon style round glasses (minus the clear or red tinted lenses), so when Ray-ban came out with their round metal copies I decided these are definitely the pair for me, however being a little random and probably the only person thinking about sunglasses in winter when there wasn’t any need for them I thought It was best to wait until the summer months rolled around to get them. I am so glad that I waited as I spotted these Miu Miu round retro glasses and instantly knew they were the ones; I liked the addition of gold and the thicker/larger black frames compared to the Ray-ban glasses. Yes the price tag is larger but it’s justified as lots of detail has gone in to them, they seem sturdy and should last a long time and of course Mui Mui is a highly respected top designer brand.

4. Romwe,  Retro flowers print dress 

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog you will know that I’ve had a fascination with floral/mirrored shift dresses, so it’s probably not a surprise to you that this lovely Romwe dress is on my list. There’s not much more I can say about this apart from It is needed in my life pronto.

5. Zara, Two-tone bowling bag 

Still loving a bit of monochrome so this Zara two-tone bowling bag is perfect. Black and cream together always look so elegant, the bag doesn't look like its from a high street shop at all. I like the size as well as I carry so many things around with me, never just the essentials (like most girls I suppose). The bag has a shoulder strap also so it can be worn both ways, I personally prefer long straps so this is a definite added bonus. 

6. Regal Rose, Marcia. Gold Fully Loaded Cross Necklace

A gorgeous piece of statement jewellery which can give any plain outfit an instant boost. I usually like worn brassy gold or rose gold , but I actually think the yellow gold on this necklace works perfectly, it doesn't look tacky in the slightest, in fact if anything it looks the opposite.

7. Topshop Arabel2 Cut Out Boots

I have wanted these boots for so long, admittedly I haven't purchased them yet as I was trying to find some cheaper on ebay because a friend found hers on there for only £30 :o , however I've had no such luck on the ebay front so I may just have to suck it up and buy them, theirs always some sort of student discount you can get at Topshop so that will have to do. I like how eye-catching and edgy they are a copy of the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane buckled cut out boots which were a copy of  the Balenciaga ones. To me they all look about the same and when you think the Balengiaca ones are £822 , The Arabel2 £70 ones from Topshop are a steal.

Friday, 16 August 2013

OOTD - Misha In wonderland

“There is no better designer than nature.” 

Dress- Asos - another similar here

Although this dress looks nothing like the one Alice wore in Alice and wonderland, fall I can think about when I see it is the book/film, the dress is so enchanting and whimsical it would be hard not too link them. The colours are so earthy and merge well together there are two differing styles on the website with the other being slightly darker and with more of a floral print (both linked above) I do prefer the other colour however they are on low stock at the moment and only hold it in a size 14.

This Ultra drop waist mini dress is in fact only available in the petite range at Asos which is designed to fit women of 5'3/1.60m and under, however I am 5'7 and although the dress is a little short it still covers everything and doesn't look like it wasn't intended for a person of my height. I applaud Asos for creating such a unique dress, currently everything looks the same and it's always nice once in a while to choose a piece that breaks the mould, as famously said by Dr. Suess (who relates greatly to Alice and wonderland)  - "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?".

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Botanist

Botanist - a biologist specialising in the study of plants

The botanist is a shabby chic, unique pub/bar located just on the outside of the new centre Trinity that opened on March 21st 2013 in Leeds. Operated by the New World Pub Company which funnily enough is exactly how I'd describe it, a different type of 'pub' with a classy and rustic edge. The Botanist has a varied selection of drinks with over 40 bottled ciders and beers from around the world, cask conditioned-ales and a selection of the finest champagnes also, so there really is something for everybody on the drinks front.

 This is replicated with their food as there's a large choice of deli-style cuisine with a rotisserie and barbecue, unfortunately if you're a vegetarian like I am there aren't many choices for you (Technically I'm a pescatarian so I could choose from the fish dishes also, however they were limited too with just fish and chips on the menu) !! I chose a Halloumi & vegetables kebab with cous cous which was delicious and very filling.

As a Botany is plant related, there's a very earthy feel to the place, and a noticeable leafy/floral theme with wrought iron leaves and floral decorations suspended over the outdoor seating area, vines and flowers pretty much everywhere you look inside and even floral decorations on the plates. I think these are great touches assisting it in living up to it's name as I always find it annoying when a restaurant has a specialised name which has no relevance to the place whatsoever.  

The botanist is such a lovely pub/bar with a calm, relaxing surroundings, the staff wear quite old fashioned grocer-like uniforms with braces and everything so it really adds to the atmosphere. I'd definitely recommend it for a nice meal or drinks with friends, family or your partner...

... and an added bonus, if you fill out the comment card after your meal, 
you get a free bottle of wine on your birthday,
 not bad ey just for that i'd call this place a winner !!! 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

OOTD - Miss Marble

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn” 
Orson Welles 

Dress- Motel Rocks// Boots - Chockers

I absolutely love this dress from Motel Rocks, the skater/babydoll style is cute and girly and the colours of the tie dye marble print are so flattering especially on darker skin tones. This dress is perfect for the warm weather as the material is light and flowy. 

Tie dye is also very much on trend at the moment it's definitely in the stages where it's over populating the highstreet stores and getting slightly annoying like studs did a few months ago but it's predominantly on shorts and T-shirts and mainly dip-dye, so this dress is still individual, and you're almost guaranteed you won't see anyone wearing a similar dress to this on your travels. 

P.S - You can get 20% off at Motel Rocks by using the code 'mishymoo62'

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Graduate

So I finally did it :)
 I graduated from University with a 2:1 degree
here are a few photos from the day -

Friday, 19 July 2013

Graduation Dress

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human 
contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." 
- Miuccia Prada 

Dress - Ginger Fizz 

I love the style and the floral print on the dress I chose for my graduation it's so pretty, girly and perfect for a smart occasion as it isn't very revealing. The material has a silky feel which makes it very lightweight, (a must in the abnormally hot weather we are having in UK at the moment) especially as I was going to have to wear a huge gown over it. 

Deciding on a dress took a very long time as i'm quite picky and I feel that graduation is almost as important as your wedding day, it's a day where the pictures and memories will be kept forever and you don't want to remember yourself looking horrific. I decided it was definitely best to pick something classic and timeless, and I also wanted a lighter coloured dress as it would stand out under the gown, compliment my darker skin tone and be more suitable in the heat. 

These were my other choices :- 

Monday, 15 July 2013

OOTD - Paisley

I love finding clothes which have been forgotten about, it's like going shopping in your own wardrobe.
- Mishymoo

Trousers - Zara  (You can try to find the same ones on ebay by searching 'zara palazzo trousers' or similar here -1..2..3..4) // Top - Topshop (plain vest top)// Heels - Asos

I bought these paisley print wide leg palazzo trousers from Zara a few months ago, for some reason I'd hidden them deep within my wardrobe and only just discovered them again recently when rummaging through. I am so glad these have reappeared and at the complete right time as they are perfect for summer, so vibrant, striking and elegant, best warn with mid heels (because the trousers cover your shoes you tend to look like a stilt walker if the heels are too high) and either a black or white plain vest top or t-shirt. 

Paisley in general is such an opulent print and when added to such a lovely silky material with the mix of royal blue and emerald green and the final product is beautiful.


My nail varnish Is 'Speed dial' by Ciaté, 
bright pinks and oranges are my go to colours in summer.