Friday, 16 August 2013

OOTD - Misha In wonderland

“There is no better designer than nature.” 

Dress- Asos - another similar here

Although this dress looks nothing like the one Alice wore in Alice and wonderland, fall I can think about when I see it is the book/film, the dress is so enchanting and whimsical it would be hard not too link them. The colours are so earthy and merge well together there are two differing styles on the website with the other being slightly darker and with more of a floral print (both linked above) I do prefer the other colour however they are on low stock at the moment and only hold it in a size 14.

This Ultra drop waist mini dress is in fact only available in the petite range at Asos which is designed to fit women of 5'3/1.60m and under, however I am 5'7 and although the dress is a little short it still covers everything and doesn't look like it wasn't intended for a person of my height. I applaud Asos for creating such a unique dress, currently everything looks the same and it's always nice once in a while to choose a piece that breaks the mould, as famously said by Dr. Suess (who relates greatly to Alice and wonderland)  - "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?".


  1. Hi lovely thanks so much for your comment on my post a few weeks ago - just getting round to replies now! Absolutely love this dress! I can't wait to be more free with my outfit choices again once I am post baby bump!! xx

  2. Beautiful dress! Looks really lovely on you :)


  3. I love that dress on you, it looks great! And the contract between the floral dress and black boots are wonderful :)

    Jen xx

  4. Such an adorable dress. I love it. So girlie and pretty

  5. Such an adorable dress. I love it. So girlie and pretty


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