Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Botanist

Botanist - a biologist specialising in the study of plants

The botanist is a shabby chic, unique pub/bar located just on the outside of the new centre Trinity that opened on March 21st 2013 in Leeds. Operated by the New World Pub Company which funnily enough is exactly how I'd describe it, a different type of 'pub' with a classy and rustic edge. The Botanist has a varied selection of drinks with over 40 bottled ciders and beers from around the world, cask conditioned-ales and a selection of the finest champagnes also, so there really is something for everybody on the drinks front.

 This is replicated with their food as there's a large choice of deli-style cuisine with a rotisserie and barbecue, unfortunately if you're a vegetarian like I am there aren't many choices for you (Technically I'm a pescatarian so I could choose from the fish dishes also, however they were limited too with just fish and chips on the menu) !! I chose a Halloumi & vegetables kebab with cous cous which was delicious and very filling.

As a Botany is plant related, there's a very earthy feel to the place, and a noticeable leafy/floral theme with wrought iron leaves and floral decorations suspended over the outdoor seating area, vines and flowers pretty much everywhere you look inside and even floral decorations on the plates. I think these are great touches assisting it in living up to it's name as I always find it annoying when a restaurant has a specialised name which has no relevance to the place whatsoever.  

The botanist is such a lovely pub/bar with a calm, relaxing surroundings, the staff wear quite old fashioned grocer-like uniforms with braces and everything so it really adds to the atmosphere. I'd definitely recommend it for a nice meal or drinks with friends, family or your partner...

... and an added bonus, if you fill out the comment card after your meal, 
you get a free bottle of wine on your birthday,
 not bad ey just for that i'd call this place a winner !!! 

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