Friday, 21 June 2013

June Want List

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday,
 I reckon depression wouldn't
 exist anymore.” 

― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

I adore this bag, It is very similar to both the Zara City bag and Celine bags in style and shape.  I feel that although Monochrome is a big trend at the moment 
and trends quickly change, it is something that will never got out of fashion due to its basic nature, people have always and will always wear neutrals. I'm usually not too fond of silver hardware on shoes or handbags but I think the silver complements the black and white. 

Obviously being Michael Kors the bag is quite pricey at £315 but compared to other designer bags that's very reasonable and for the

quality it is definitely worth it. 

I First saw culottes/Skorts in a cobalt blue in Zara however they quickly sold out
before I had chance to buy them, many bloggers have the alternative from
  sheinside however it only came in white and I really wanted a bright colour to bring more attention to the unusual piece. I then discovered some on ebay from sellers with a lot of stock, the bright orange/red ones are most expensive at £40 as I believe they are the actual Zara culottes but if you don't mind 
about the label you can pick up a Skort in blue, white, light pink and black from this seller (link) for just £3.99 which isn't bad at all. 

I have always loved Kat&Bee wire rings but have always admired them from 
afar as they are quite expensive. However I think it's now about time to get one, all of their designs are so intricate and detailed, a statement ring which is sure to bring about a lot of compliments.
There are a few different styles currently on sale on asos, nearly all of their pieces include 
skulls which adds to the edgyness, I personally like the gold rings which have flower details like the Zerlina as it adds a bit of a girly element. 

These shorts are very similar to the Bambi and Manson denim shorts designed by Made in Chelsea star
Millie Mackintosh and although they don't come gift wrapped with a signed print of Millie
they are a fraction of the price and still gorgeous. Lace and printed denim shorts are very on trend 
at the moment particularly at festivals, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sported a pair of swarovski encrusted Christopher Kane denim shorts last year at
 Coachella and this year they seem to be at the height of their popularity.

I really like the print on this t-shirt It is quite busy making it instantly eye catching. Printed floral/leafy patterns along with mirror imagery on  clothing is very popular right now, one highstreet shop with a lot of pieces similar to this style at the moment is H&M in their Conscious collection.

I think every month Louboutins are on the Want list in my head as they are such

beautifully crafted shoes. I hope every day that the Louboutin fairy will come and drop
some off, but as I doubt that will happen anytime soon I think i'll be adding these bad boys to
my collection next. I love how they have a bit of edge due to the spikes but they aren't too outlandish 
so they can be worn with practically anything. I'm not usually fond of heels with a pointed toe (mainly because I have quite big feet) but I think the style goes well with these shoes.
Just writing about these makes be realise how much a NEED them in my life asap 
(Need, might be a slight exaggeration,however I guess everybody needs shoes... brilliant justification :p). 

I think i'm turning around on the silver jewellery front, 
my go to's have always been gold, rose gold or
bronze, but this month I've loved all things silver, with this pretty statement bangle being one of them.  discovered it on the website, they specialise in baltic amber and silver jewellery. I personally love amber as I find the way it is formed and how old it can be fascinating, baltic amber dates back 40-60 million years ago, 
can you imagine wearing something that old? ... it's incomprehensible 
but also pretty awesome !!

So there you have it my June Want list, there's only 9 days left
 in the month and I have none of these items yet,
 I think I better get a move on !! 


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